Thursday, February 12, 2009

SB 452 HS 2151 Oppose!

Legislative Alert
February 11, 2009

Limiting the power of political subdivisions concerning the care and handling of livestock SB 452 HB 2151 - Oppose

The measure passed the Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously on Monday, despite concerns it could cause health problems in cities and rural communities

Action Needed

Please call or email your State Senator and Representative stating you object to denying local livestock regulation in Oklahoma. Leaving a message with their Administrative Assistant is fine, state: "I am _________ from _________, Oklahoma, I would like the (Senator) (Representative) to vote against Senate Bill 452 and House Bill 2151 that would deny local livestock regulation in Oklahoma, thank you."


MEASURE: SB 452 / HB 2151


SHORT TITLE: Limiting the power of political subdivisions concerning the care and handling of livestock

AUTHOR: Senator Schultz


Sen. Mike Schulz, an Altus Republican, sponsored the legislation at the request of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. The bill gives the Legislature sole authority to regulate livestock. Cities and counties would be prohibited from adopting local laws or regulations. Livestock is defined in state law as such things as cattle, horses, sheep, swine, domesticated rabbits, chickens, turkeys, domesticated fowl and "any animal or bird in captivity." This bill is in reaction to the recent California proposition that increased regulation on raising chickens, hogs and calves.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pro-Slaughter Organizing

Due to the organization of the National Conference of State
Legislatures (NCSL) and their pro-slaughter Agriculture & Energy Sub-
Committee, the pro-slaughter sub-committee members are organizing on
a state-by-state basis. They are representing in Congress as pro-
slaughter and are also initiating pro-slaughter actions and bills
through their own state legislative processes.




North Dakota:

South Dakota:




If you live in any of these states, please contact your
representatives to remind them that you VOTE and are strongly opposed
to horse-slaughter.

Remember, this could also happen in Oklahoma!